If Smoking Were Free, Would You Quit?

Sean Bonner has left Facebook. He’s written movingly about why he left.

“I consider what my actions and choices say…. Ethics are important. Convictions mean something…. It’s not about changing the world, or even changing anyone else’s mind, it’s about being comfortable with my own choices….

“Facebook has shown no respect for its users’ privacy. The site notoriously makes it difficult to understand who you are sharing what with, and has been known to reset defaults without notifying users. Defaults which share everything. Facebook tracks your usage of the web and knows pretty much everything else about your life…. The list goes on and on.

“… Usage is implied consent. Usage is passive support.

“I don’t consent to this and I can’t support it. Facebook is bad for the web and it’s bad for people. I can’t keep ignoring that.”

Read the whole entry on Sean’s blog.