Max’s Festschrift


Published by Eerdmans in April 2012, a Festschrift of essays by colleagues, friends and former students in honour of Max Turner entitled: The Spirit and Christ in the New Testament and Christian Theology, edited by I. Howard Marshall, Volker Rabens and Cornelis Bennema.

From the back cover: This volume gathers writings about the Spirit and Christ by notable scholars including Richard Bauckham, D.A. Carson, James Dunn, and many others… the twenty essays included will be a welcome resource for scholars and ministers… [and it] is a fitting tribute to honoree Max Turner, whose outstanding scholarship has focused on pneumatology and Christology.

From the table of contents:


Steve Walton, An Introduction to Max Turner

James D.G. Dunn, “The Lord, the Giver of Life”: The Gift of the Spirit as Both Life-giving and Empowering

John R. Levison, The Spirit, Simeon, and the Songs of the Servant

Steve Walton, Whose Spirit? The Promise and Promiser in Luke 12:12

Robert P. Menzies, The Persecuted Prophets: A Mirror Image of Luke’s Spirit-Inspired Church

Joel B. Green, “Was It Not Necessary for the Messiah to Suffer These Things and Enter into His Glory?” The Significance of Jesus’ Death for Luke’s Soteriology

Cornelis Bennema, The Giving of the Spirit in John 19-20: Another Round

D.A. Carson, Is Faith in Christ Without Evidence Superior Faith? A Re-examination of John 20:29

Conrad Gempf, Apollos and the Ephesian Disciples: Befores and Afters (Acts 18:24 – 19:7)

Volker Rabens, Power from In Between: The Relational Experience of the Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts in Paul’s Churches

Desta Heliso, Divine Spirit and Human Spirit in Paul in the Light of Stoic and Biblical-Jewish Perspectives

Chris Tilling, Ephesians and Divine-Christology

Robert W. Wall, Salvation’s Bath by the Spirit: A Study of Titus 3:5b-6 in Its Canonical Setting

Steve Motyer, The Spirit in Hebrews: No Longer Forgotten?

John Christopher Thomas, New Jerusalem and the Conversion of the Nations: An Exercise in Pneumatic Discernment (Rev. 21:1 – 22:5)

Richard Bauckham, Moses as “God” in Philo of Alexandria: A Precedent for Christology?

Mark L. Strauss, Jesus and the Spirit in Biblical and Theological Perspective: Messianic Empowering, Saving Wisdom, and the Limits of Biblical Theology

Anthony N.S. Lane, Cyril of Alexandria and the Incarnation

Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, “By the Washing of Regeneration and Renewal in the Holy Spirit”: Towards a Pneumatological Theology of Justification

Graham McFarlane, Towards a Theology of Togetherness — Life through the Spirit

André Munzinger, Creative Reason and the Spirit: Identifying, Evaluating, and Developing Paradigms of Pneumatology

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